The Spot-Flag is constructed from steel
material and is equipped with an orange
safety warning flag. This class of kingpin lock
is rated at a medium to medium/high security
level and most often used in staging trailers
at remote locations such as parking lots and
interstate yards.

The Spot-Flag works to protect your valued
cargo.  With trailer theft on the rise, you have
to take trailer security seriously these days.  
The Spot-Flag is based on a simple design
that has been around for several decades. It
is priced lower than any other kingpin lock on
the market today.

The safety flag makes this king pin lock really
stand out.  Powdered coated in safety orange
color, two keys per lock.
Spot-Flag King Pin Lock
Price Chart Below - Model #KP1103
Keyed Alike
BigRed King Pin Lock
Price Chart Below - Model #KP1005
Keyed Alike or Keyed Differently
Our BigRed kingpin lock is casted from an all
metal alloy and is Carrier Security's heavy
duty, secure solution for your trailer.  It is
rated as a high security king pin lock.

This kingpin lock will resist most of the
known attempts used by thieves today. The
BigRed King Pin Lock = Superior Trailer

Here is one expert's view after initial testing:
"the shackle can't be cut, the bottom is
secured with a steel plate so drill attacks are
resisted, the lock cylinder itself can't be
pulled out and chiseling won't work because
of countersunk rivets."  In high security
situations, this is an efficient option.  Comes
with warning flag, carry handle and two keys
per lock. Keyed different options as well.
Our king pin locks are a solid solution for trailer security and logistics control.  They secure the king pin of semi-tractor trailers and prevent trailer hookups when parked or in a
drop location.  The kingpin locks work on all 5th wheel type pins, including semi's and travel trailer fifth wheels alike (RV trailers with fifth wheel hitches use the same basic pin
as semi-trailers). Our kingpin locks are casted from ductile steel for maximum strength and resistance.

These anti-theft devices stand out with brightly colored powder coating, allowing a driver to see that a king pinlock is attached before any hitching occurs.  Our king pin locks
prevent unauthorized hookups to fifth-wheel trailers and give you the trailer control and security needed in today's demanding and changing environments. Look to Carrier
Security for all of your trailer security and trailer control needs.

Trailer theft is on the rise!  Protect your trailers with our king pin locks!  Distribution Centers are the No. 1 location for stolen cargo.  Truck Stops rank high but not as high as the
DC's and terminal lots themselves.  Even terminal areas considered "secure" are not enough to stop protect the trailers themselves - let us help you reduce your risks.  Theft of
lower valued goods has increased dramatically in recent years.  Monthly incidents the most ever recorded in this past year alone.

Quick tip:        Slip a plastic sack over the king pin before installing the king pin lock, this will help stop grease sticking to the kingpin lock after each use.
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