These are the tools to use for securing trailers at the loading dock.  Unscheduled departures from the dock can result in serious injury and have resulted in loss of life.  These
loading dock locks save lives!  Protect your people by securing trailers at the loading dock with Carrier's Glad Hand & King Pin Locks.

Our locks stop the search for lost trailers.  These anti-theft devices are great for securing redlined trailers - or for trailers being loaded and unloaded at your dock.  Of course, our
locks are great anti-theft protection tools.    Trailers are left parked on street or lots, unattended and without locks are an invitation for anyone with a tractor to haul them away.

A lot of truck operators seem to have accepted theft as a part of business - an operating expense so to speak - but it doesn't have to be that way.  Remember, theft prevention is
the key.  You want to make it a real pain to swipe your trailer, and adding all the security locks available will help it become a pain too great to overcome.

Carrier's Glad Hand Lock page --- simple in design and the clean solution for all your trailer control needs; locks act like a harness around the emergency glad hand.  The Steel-Tuff
Glad Hand Lock comes in the Gladlock Glad Hand Lock design and is a solid yet flexible trailer control device.

This glad hand lock must be removed before the emergency brakes on the trailer are released.  The Steel-Tuff Glad Hand Lock is manufactured in the Gladlock style (traditional)
design and comes with stainless steel and zinc plated hardware.  Gladhand locks are used not only for safety but for security as well.

Carrier's Kingpin Lock page --- these king pin locks prevent unauthorized hookups to any fifth wheel trailer and give you the trailer control and security needed in today's
increasingly demanding and changing environments.   Our king pin locks work on 5th Wheel Trailers/Campers as well.  Often called pin locks, they do just that - they simply
surround the kingpin and thereby secure any  trailer, preventing theft and/or unwanted movement.

Results from National Cargo Theft Report:  Monthly incidents the most ever recorded.  Cargo theft rose nearly 9% in 2012 from 2011.  Food/Beverage Industry most heavily hit.  
Theft gangs have become more active.  Main target: unprotected trailers.  Rate of theft up to all-time record high.  Theft of lower valued goods increased dramatically.  Additional
layers of security on all loads encouraged.  Trailer theft is on the rise!
The Spot-Flag works to protect your valued cargo.  With
trailer theft on the rise, you have to take trailer security
seriously these days.  The Spot-Flag is based on a
simple design that has been around for several

The safety flag makes this king pin lock really stand out.  
We call this unit the "Spot-Flag" for good reason as the
flag will help your drivers see the unit before backing
onto it.  Powdered coated in safety orange color, two
keys per lock.
The Steel-Tuff Glad Hand Lock is all-metal and is attached to
the emergency brake connection of the semi-trailer.  This is
the original steel body glad hand lock.

This device combines the traditional glad hand lock design
with all-steel construction.  An all metal body and lock
replaces the typical plastic body fabrication.  You won't find
a more heavy duty gladhand lock anywhere...find out how
solid it is and order today!
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