The Plastic Glad Hand Lock is the traditional design mold that uses a red plastic for its body and is
also named the "Gladlock".

The design, having been around for well over 4 decades, is the proven leader.  We perfected the unit
design with heavy duty red polymer resin throughout.

The unit  is a perfected gladlock style trailer airline lock that  is the solution for your trailer control
needs.  This gladhand lock is used as a dock lock to reduce risks while loading and unloading

For keyed-different glad hand locks use the Steel-Tuff (GH3006 up to 16 different key combinations).  
For keyed-alike, order as many in one key combo as you need. Two keys per lock.
Steel-Tuff Glad Hand Lock
Price Chart Below - Model #GH3006
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steeltuff glad hand locks
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Plastic Glad Hand Lock
Price Chart Below - Model #GH3204
Keyed Alike
glad hand locks
The Steel-Tuff and Plastic "Gladlock" styled Glad Hand Locks act like a harness around the emergency
glad hand.  Don't risk other styled locks as some actually don't fit on the gladhand properly - go with our
Gladlock style - tried and true to form.  Both Glad Hand Lock models act as a pacifier seal - keeping dirt,
debris and bugs out of the trailer gladhand.  

The 90-second rule has been used by saftey and security professionals for years:

that if a thief cannot overtake a trailer in 90-seconds, he knows the chances of getting caught
exponentially rises....when faced with this time constraint, he will likely move on to another target

Because the Steel-Tuff's body is made of steel and not plastic, it is used for trailer security purposes in
addition to it's most common use: trailer control at the loading dock.  Our customers have successfully
used the Steel-Tuff Glad Hand Lock when using one of our king pin locks...the more locks you place in his
way, the sooner the thief should be moving to a target that is easier to take.

OSHA mandates the use of trailer restraints at each loading dock bay.  This is not a suggested practice,
but rather a mandated federal guideline.  We encourage you to harness each trailer with a glad hand lock
so that a driver will not unwittingly pull up to a trailer and take off while a forklift operator is approaching
or exiting that trailer.  
The Steel-Tuff Glad Hand lock is heavy-duty and is attached to the emergency brake connection of
the semi-trailer.  The device incorporates a traditional design with an all steel body,  making for a
heavy-duty class gladhand lock.    

Our all steel gladhand lock is offered at a very low price.  This class of glad hand lock commonly
sells for between $25 to $50.  

The competition doesn't come close in terms of durability and ruggedness when compared to the
heavy duty design and rugged construction.

Keyed-different glad hand locks have up to 16 different key combinations.  For keyed-alike, order
as many in one key combo as you need.  Two keys per lock.
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